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Our Story

Welcome to SMX we are Digital Transformation Specialist offering vast experience leveraging E-commerce to deliver highly effective and creative solutions. we are committed to the long-term online success of my business partners.


We aspire to become a world leader in advancing businesses through digital means. innovation and growth, co-determination, trust and respect, sustainability and commitment to quality are the core values behind our company.


With a deep understanding of ITech, processes and economic success factors, SMX offers Smart solution for major challenges. Our Team have many years of experience by technical excellence and top performance.


SmartX platform that makes your customers feel empowered and valued

SaaS Platform with Smart Features in Ecommerce

Smart Dashboards
Process Automation
Sales Channel Integration
Cryptocurrency Payment
Affiliate Program
Machine Learning
Secure Infrastructure
Update,Support 24/7

Speed and agility.No limits.No downtime. No worries.


We understand that individual needs are different. We will soon offer flexible pricing models tailored to customer needs.

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